I work as an English Language Specialist at UNC’s Writing Center. As such, I provide English language support for international students and scholars in a number of ways. Along with my colleagues, I facilitate writing groups, speaking groups and workshops. We also provide mini-courses on a number of topics and run a summer movie series to introduce international students to the American South.

My ESL research is couchedĀ in the framework of Critical Applied Linguistics, which deals with issues of English language hegemony as well as ideological influences in English language teaching and second language learning. First, I am concerned with maintenance and preservation of lesser spoken languages, which necessitates critical engagement with the role of English in practices of globalization. Second, I am interested in the ways in which ideology is expressed through second language pedagogy and how ideologies are manifested through various agents in the language-learning process, including the learner herself, the curriculum, the discipline, the institution and beyond.